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Enjoy a nice yoga in our peaceful environement

Wether it is to chill in the comfy lounge of practice your morning yoga you’ll have full access to the wooden yoga deck with a traditional palm roof over your head. It has a fan to stay cool during your asanas and is located in front of the pool. That’s where you can also choose to have a nice massage with a cool breeze relaxing you.


Private yoga classes for every nivels (beginner to advanced)

If you feel like taking a yoga class to relax or to stretch after a long day surfing, we can arrange a private yoga class with our certified yoga instructor.


Host a yoga retreat at Monoloko Lodge

Please contact us if you’re looking for a place to host a yoga retreat.

We will be happy to present you all the features we can offer to fit your event .


Offer yourself a relaxing massage with a local massage therapist

Let us organize a relaxing massage performed by our local massage therapist. You’ll be under the palm roof on a massage table, surrounded by relaxing music and the sound of tropical birds around you.


If you prefer something more private you can totally choose to have your massage done in your private room instead.


Learn to surf in Popoyo with our
local surf teachers 

Let us get you in touch with local surf guides to show you around and help you find your way around local surfers!

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