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Come surf in Nicaragua with our 6 nice surf spots

Hosting some of the country’s best surf, the area of Tola beaches has a lot to offer for begginers, intermediate and pro surfers. Thanks to Lake Nicaragua the Tola beaches are blessed with a constant flow of off shore wind, and the coastline is exposed to south and southwest swells making it an amazing surf destination. Take a look at ones of the most famous surf spots around and come explore the area for more!!

Monoloko Lodge is located 15 min from one of the most
famous surf spots in the world, Popoyo

surf santana-monoloko.JPG

3 min by car, you can surf Playa Santana, Nicaragua

The beach of Jiquelite, known as the famous “Santanas” is our home beach break with barreling lefts and rights. The wave is fast and punchy and breaks relatively close to the beach.


There is a left that is a refracted wedge that experienced surfers frequent. A quick walk north on the same stretch of beach can offer less hollow waves to those seeking something a bit more mellow.

Wave: Beach break, fast and powerful barrels 

Bottom: Rock and sand

Note: 5-10 minute walk from Monoloko


Go surf Popoyo point, a super nice A frame!

Popoyo is an A-frame wave with a channel on each side, making for an easier paddle-out. The wave can be fast, powerful, and sometimes hollow. You’ll find all skill levels paddling out at this wave, since it’s the most popular surf spot in the area.

Wave: A-frame wave, fast and powerful
Bottom: Rock reef with some sharp rocks and coral.

Note: Expect a crowd.


Surf Outer reef, a big powerful barrels in Popoyo Area

Outer Reef at Popoyo is a powerful left that holds big swell and is considered one of the best big wave spots in Central America. It switches on at around 8-10’ only a handful of times each year, and serves up left-hand barrels with a very sketchy inside section. This wave looks like Pipe when it’s working, and tow-in surfing is not uncommon here when the swell gets even bigger.

Wave: Big, powerful barrels

Bottom: Shallow rock shelf

Note: Experienced surfers only. This is a dangerous wave. 


Surf El Peñon – Lances left in Astillero, Nicaragua

El peñon, also known as Lance’s Left is usually a flatter, mellow wave that can serve up long rides when there’s a swell, up to 500 yards. This wave can be accessed by boat, or by walking around the point from Popoyo during low tide. 

Wave: Left point break

Bottom: Rock reef with urchins

Note: Leave nothing on the beach or it will be stolen. 


Surf Beginner Bay is perfect for learning how to surf

The bay is perfect for beginners and longboarders, but when there’s a bit more swell in the water, this spot can lite up for anyone looking for a cleaner wave protected from big swell or wind. There’s a left point break at the south end, with a right peak that breaks in the middle of the bay. 

Wave: Left point break with some rights, with a right-hand peak on the north side 

Bottom: Rock and sand

Note: 25 minute walk from Monoloko


Surf Manzanillo in Playa Santana, Nicaragua

Manzanillo is a left point break at the south end of the area that is often accessed by boat for most visitors. This spot likes to barrel when it’s switched on and has a long, rippable face with long rides. This wave is best surfed at mid-tide, as the waves breaks close to the rocks at high tide, and rocks are exposed at low tide. 

Wave: Left point break, steep and barreling, long rides

Bottom: Rock reef with some urchins

Note: A fickle wave that only turns on for short windows of time, and mid-tide is the least stressful due to the rocks. 


Know everything about surfing in Popoyo with our surf guides

Let us get you in touch with local surf guides to show you around and help you find your way around local surfers!

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